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 Miranda Yañez, Richmond Magazine

[Sequoia "Chef Coco"] Ross’ cookies are vegan, nut-free and named after important women in her life...


Dessert options were limited for my plant based life style and my favorite part of any meal is dessert. I decided cookies were a dessert that I wasn't willing to live without because who wants to live without cookies?

Sauer's Spices 

Congratulations to Sequoia Ross with Favour Cookie Co. for winning first place in 
@reallocalrva's Help to the Shelf pitch competition!

Church Hill People's News

Meet the SEED Grant Recipients 

Sequoia Ross' interview for the Wall Street Journal

You don't know what's happening in the world. and for me the most comforting thing to do is curl up in front of my screen and shop 

Creative MKT Group

Favour Cookie Co. creates small batch, craft vegan cookie doughs made with Sauer's vanilla and spices, non-gmo unbleached flour...

Genevelyn Steele, Richmond Magazine

Chef Coco blesses vegans with non-GMO, organic, small-batch cookie dough

Patrice J Williams, Travel and Leisure 

That's where you'll find sweet treats from Black-owned businesses, like Favour Cookie Co.'s vegan cookie dough. 

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